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Two4All Universe

Our story

2019 was the year when it all started. Two musicians decided to combine their music fascination and create their very own music universe, the „Two4All Universe“!

In fact, one of the duo came directly from the Trance / Psytrance world. The other one was surrounded by all EDM genres, with a special relation to Future House and Electro Swing. Besides their love in electronic music, they had a strong connection to all kinds of music like Reggae and Latin Music, Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Blues and Swing, Pop, Folk and Classic. Alongside their fascination about different music styles, both musicians were passionate drummers since they were kids and knew each other since childhood.

With this little background in mind, there was not much more to say than: „Wiär weri blöd wännwär nix mächä!“ – which means: „We would be stupid if we don’t do anything together!“. It was the start of Two4All and the start of a new generation in Electronic Music.

It was the start of the new genre „Electronic Future Music“.

„Electronic Future Music“ is a combination of all big electronic music genres, influenced by all other styles of music around the world. It has the power of Trance, beautiful melodic parts from EDM and Future House, the grooviness of Deep House, breathtaking vocals from all over the world and the love of all different kinds of music. – All united into one, as a part of the Two4All Universe.

The Universe from the TWO of us, 4ALL. A UNIVERSE 4ALL OF YOU!

See you there!